FAAC’s Fantastic Four for residential sector

FAAC’s product range for the residential sector


From vehicle gates and garage doors to rolling shutters, awnings, shades and blinds: the FAAC product range is specifically designed for the residential sector and now includes everything you need to take advantage of the benefits of automation across a host of different types of gates, doors and windows. Each and every home can now count on FAAC solutions to achieve a higher level of comfort, safety and energy savings that will bring various benefits for residents, whilst also meeting installer requirements.


FAAC home solutions in 4 steps:


1. Automation systems for gates
Gate automation is  FAAC’s flagship product range and they have recently expanded their offering in this area with three products designed specifically for residential, sliding or swing gate applications: the C720 gear motor, the S418 electromechanical actuator and the S450H hydraulic actuator, all of which demonstrate a special focus on design.


2. Automated systems for up and over or sectional garage doors
550ITT, D600
and D700HS (High Speed) electromechanical actuators offer advanced anti-burglary technology which avoid the need to install locks and bolts and are also equipped with an anti-crushing mechanism.


3. T-Mode Plug & Play
Automated roller shutters, sun awnings and folding arm awnings enable the right amount of air and light to be let into the house. The T-Mode range is perfect for this type of application and includes tubular motors of three different diameters, operated via a wired or remote control system. With the Plug&Play system there is no adjustment needed.


4. N1D System
FAAC automation systems can also be applied to blinds and shutters via the N1D system, a universal kit for fixtures with one or two leaves. The various different versions offer a built-in radio receiver and automatic detection system for obstacles, ice, mechanical blocks and gusts of wind. The T-Mode and N1D systems can be easily integrated with each other, enabling users to adjust the amount of sunlight entering a property via a single remote control, characterised by its modern, elegant design.



FAAC’s product range, designed for the residential sector, is all that you need.