Innovation, the ability to push ourselves beyond established practice, the courage to cross frontiers and open up many more: these are the values which have inspired the FAAC Group throughout its history, right from its foundation in 1965.
So many different chapters, all marked by a foresight and a pioneering spirit which represent the solid foundations on which the Group continues to build.
50 years on from its foundation, FAAC is taking the opportunity to celebrate these values, paying tribute to those who first set out new goals, embodying the very approach that has always distinguished the company, its employees and its partners.
A recognition dedicated to an inventor and a pioneer who significantly improved our daily lives, initially in Italy and then all over the world. 
An innovative genius that Giuseppe Manini (see the photo) instilled and nurtured in FAAC right from its foundation, sensing that a successful and sustainable business is based on providing simple and effective solutions to our daily needs.
Solutions which opened the doors to much, much more.